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A single active identifier for diverse uses within the ORWII ecosystem.

The OR-tag features encrypted wireless technology with battery power and an extremely long life.

The OR-tag comes in two versions, which differ from each other in shape, size and behavior intended for installation on different objects.


Typical use is installation on the tank necks of vehicles and machines as part of the Tank ID system for secure and authorized fuel refueling, as well as on waste containers and various transit points or mobile objects.

ORWII tag ve dvou provedeních
Extra dlouhá životnost baterie

long battery life

Univerzálnost využití

universal use

Snadná instalace a údržba

easy installation

Vysoká mechanická odolnost

high resistance

Key benefits

  • universal use across all areas of the ORWII platform

  • highly mechanically and chemically resistant encapsulation

  • wireless configuration

  • protection IP69

Technical parameters

Dimensions of quadrarts / round

Battery life 


IP protection

The technology used

Method of installation

18mm x 12mm x 9mm  / 30mm x 14mm

typically 12 years

PE + carbon fibers

IP 69

2.4 GHz off BT, wifi

gluing, screws, rivets

Object identification


long lasting
longevity and variability

ATEX certificate

ATEX Orwii TAG - en.jpg



ATEX certificate
Tank ID

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