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Equipment of oil mills and oil management

We will equip your car repair shop or workshop with an oil distribution system with a record system and coordinate with PHM's corporate management.


We supply complete equipment for dispensing oils and lubricants to car service centers and repair shops

We use high-quality proven hydraulic-pneumatic components. 

We supply storage tanks, which we equip with level measurement for an immediate overview of stocks and protection against aeration of the system.

We will equip the workplace with a modern FALCON dispensing terminal with rich authorization options for vehicles, people or orders.

All data is transferred online to a central secure server and available to the user in a mobile and web application or is directly transferred automatically using an API interface to the company's information system.

Skaldování a kontrola zásob olejů PC a mobilním telefonu

Oil management under control

Key properties

  • presets and limitations of dispensed lubricant volume

  • authorization and dispensing control using the Orkey remote control

  • connecting a large wall display for remote control

  • storage into the system using a mobile or web application

  • accurate measurement of oil and lubricant stock levels

  • a simple wireless solution for different sizes of oil mills

  • oil dispensing resolution for  individual pieces of equipment

  • online data transfer using the GSM network to a central data storage

  • web and mobile applications ANDROID and iOS

  • API interface for communication with warehouse systems

  • integration into the ORWII platform

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