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PHM management within enterprise distribution

We secure and automatically record your fuels as part of the distribution of PHM to separate workplaces, whether they are small tanks or tank trucks.


Management of transportation of fuel to construction sites, mining areas and fields

The recording and management of fuel flows within the framework of fuel distribution and transport has its own specifics compared to a stationary filling station.
Primarily, this is about the need for higher refueling security, integration into warehouse management and compliance with legislative requirements for the equipment and equipment of tanks in the ADR and ATEX regime.


ORWII has an automated fuel delivery registration system with special parameters key to the inclusion of distribution tanks in the warehouse records.

This ensures precise continuity and completeness of the data. Flawless work is supported by high-quality, purpose-built hardware of the modern FALCON dispensing terminal with level measurement, GPS recording of the dispensing position and remote management.

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Distribuce nafty na stavby

PHM mobile dispensing and distribution

Key benefits

  • direct connection of level meters to the FALCON dispensing machine

  • two level measurement technologies for better targeting of customer requirements

  • conversion of the volume of products to a reference temperature of 15°C

  • certification of equipment for transportation in ADR mode

  • certification according to ATEX

  • procurement of electricity filling sheet from the point of delivery using a mobile application

  • own back-up power supply of the refueling machine

  • GPS recording of the position of each delivery and movement of the tanker

  • online data transfer to a central storage using the GSM network

  • Tank ID refueling authorization preventing fuel losses during refueling

  • presentation of data in a web and mobile application

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