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Delivery of storage tanks for diesel, AdBlue and petrol

We will always design warehouse management as efficiently as possible for the customer, as we are not tied to a specific brand and design of tanks.


We supply high-quality storage tanks of various designs and uses,

Whether it is the reconstruction of a gas station, the expansion of storage capacity or the acquisition of a new tank.

When designing a solution, we
always consult with the customer about his needs, the volume of discharge, the need for stocks at peak times, as well as the possibilities of his suppliers.

We will then propose a solution that will stand up from the point of view of the ratio of the amount of investment to the useful value, taking into account the legislative requirements of the given location.


Simultaneously with the delivery of the storage tanks, we will carry out their professional installation either by our own workers or with the help of partner companies.
Upon completion, documentation is provided to the customer with information on subsequent legal obligations.

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We will always suggest the optimal option for fuel storage

Key benefits

  • above-ground and underground double-shell steel tanks for diesel

  • plastic and stainless steel AdBlue tanks with intermediate casing insulation

  • transport plastic tanks and transport tank HEFA trucks

  • supplies of drip tanks in accordance with legislation

  • equipment to indicate leaks, tightness and level measurement

  • regular cleaning, calibration and inspection of tanks

  • overhaul of single-shell tanks by lining or boiling

  • surface treatments and coatings of steel tanks

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