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Magnetostrictive level gauges

The most accurate technology for measuring diesel and gasoline levels.

Magnetostrictive level gauges are designed to accurately measure the volume of PHM stocks in steel storage tanks and cisterns.

The level gauges are equipped with one to five temperature sensors for recalculating the fuel volume to a reference value of 15°C.

At the same time as the fuel level, it measures the volume of possible deposits or water at the bottom of the tank.

The level gauges are connected directly to the ORWII refueling terminals, which ensures continuity of the level movement with fuel dispensing.

Magnetostrikční hladinoměr
Vysoká přesnost měření

high measurement accuracy

Teplotně objemová kompenzace na 15°C

recalculation of water level to 15°C

Kompatibilní s výdejním automatem FALCON a S-BOX

connection directly to FALCON and S-box vending machines

Měření hladiny v autocisternách

level measurement in tank trucks

Key benefits

  • high accuracy of measurement results

  • temperature-volume conversion to a reference temperature of 15°C

  • communication via RS485

  • version with increased resistance for tank trucks

  • MID certification

  • for any petroleum liquid fuels and LPG

  • the possibility of choosing equipment with an effect on the price and measurement results

Technical parameters

Level resolution

Range  temperature measurement

Power supply

Measured quantities


Communication interface

Communication protocols

IP protection


+/- 0.3mm /  +/- 0.1mm

-40°C - +85°C

8 - 30V DC

product level, sediment level, temperature

Diesel fuel, biodiesel, gasoline, ethanol

RS485, 4-20mA


IP 68

ATEX zone 0, IECEx, OIML, 

The most accurate fuel level measurement

Haldinoměr s měřením hladiny produktu a kalů

compatible with ORWII systems

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