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Tank ID autorizované tankování modul výdejní pistole

Tank ID

A world-unique solution for secure and automated fueling

Tank ID is a set of three technically precise and functionally connected hardware components.


Tank ID uses highly economical active wireless technology and software based on artificial intelligence, where the essential security gaps of devices working on the RFID principle are reliably solved and the influence of the human factor is thus completely eliminated.

The personal RFID card reader located directly in the handle of the dispensing gun facilitates refueling at hard-to-reach tanks.

Zabezpečení tankování paliva

the highest possible level of security

Extrémně dlouhá životnost baterií

extremely long battery life in the device

Pokročilé algoritmy zabezpečení

unique identification technology with advanced algorithms

Certifikace ATEX, Ex

certified according to EX, ATEX

Key benefits

  • battery life in the gun module up to one million liters of dispensed fuel

  • Tank ID does not work in common RFID, NFC, Bluetooth bands

  • cloning and copying of identifiers is in principle excluded compared to RFID

  • universal use of reservoir tags across the entire ORWII ecosystem

  • the dispensing gun module is compatible with  the ZVA ELAFLEX standard

  • RFID personal card reader integrated into the dispensing gun module

  • fully automatic function without controls and buttons

  • built-in magnet to detect gun suspension

  • collision with storage in the rack and the surroundings of the tank installation excluded

  • universal use of the tag across all types of tanks and containers

  • trouble-free refueling of LOWDECK vehicle tanks, etc.

Technical parameters


Gun battery life

Battery life Or tag

Gun sag detection

Gun transmitter range

System throughput

compatibility with ZVA standard pistols

typically 1 million liters of fuel filled

12 years

built-in magnet, ZVA standard hinges

up to 100 meters

8 simultaneously refueling pistols

Fully secured diesel refueling

4_tank id.PNG

prevention of misuse of fuel and saving of administration

ATEX certificate

ATEX TankID - en.jpg


ikona stahování

Product list
Tank ID

ikona stahování

ATEX certificate
Tank ID

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