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Secure authorized refueling

Tank ID is a new generation electronic system designed for the automatic authorization of vehicles during refueling (AVI).


Tank ID removes the human factor from the fueling process

The secure act of refueling consists in simply removing the dispensing gun from the stand and inserting it into the neck of the tank equipped with an Or-tag identification tag.

Or-tag is firmly connected to the vehicle, the agenda related to the registration of portable cards and chips is eliminated.
Dispensing is only started when the refueling position is reached and the authorization conditions are met.

The active technology has an encrypted data transmission, where the otherwise common cloning of RFID tags or cards is completely excluded.

Tank ID speeds up service at the gas station during busy times and provides the owner of the fuel with essential certainty of responsibility towards their own company's finances and legislation.


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Prevention of fuel theft, savings on administration

Key benefits of Tank ID

  • with sophisticated algorithms will infallibly prevent misuse of fuel

  • multifunctional use of Or tags in other system modules

  • faster handling of gas station operations

  • eliminating the human factor when refueling

  • removing the administration of common identification media

  • prevention of fuel confusion

  • unattended and safe NON-STOP operation of the gas station

  • convenient refueling of hard-to-reach tanks thanks to the compact design

  • authorization of persons by RFID / NFC reader built into the dispensing gun module

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