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level sensor

Battery powered continuous level gauge.

Level measurement in tanks containing diesel, fuel oil, water, AdBlue and other liquids, regardless of their chemical and physical properties.


Data transmission to the Internet via IoT in SIGFOX and LoRa networks or via a local radio network and some ORWII devices.

Unique ratio of measurement accuracy, difficulty of installation and purchase price.

Bateriově napájený hladinoměr
Úsporný provoz

long battery life in the device

Kompaktní vestavbové rozměry

compact installation dimensions

Univerzální využití na různé komodity a tekutiny

measurement of various commodities and surfaces

ORWII plně kompatibilní

compatibility with ORWII applications

Key benefits

  • high measurement accuracy at an excellent price

  • optional data transfer method

  • compact dimensions that do not interfere with the surrounding buildings

  • long battery life

  • ORWII ID transmitter for short distance data transmission

  • adjustable frequency and measurement algorithm

  • very easy to install settings

  • compatibility with ORWII applications

Technical parameters


Power supply

Measured media

Measured range

Measurement accuracy

Principle of measurement

Data transfer to the Internet

Compatible ORWII devices

Method of installation

80mm x 45mm

2x AA lithium

diesel, gasoline, AdBlue ... 

20mm - 4000mm

1 - 3 mm depending on the range


IoT / LTE / local ORWII network


external thread G3/4 x 18

Online transfer of fuel level

Smart sensor

unique ratio price - accuracy of measurement - difficulty of installation

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