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Fuel storage and level measurement

Supervision of the entire PHM storage cycle from the purchase itself is the basic responsibility of each ČS operator towards their own company and legislation.

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Automated system for managing wet warehouses and measuring levels

It starts with the acquisition of an electronic filling sheet using a mobile phone directly from the point of bottling.
After that, an automatic evaluation of the difference  between the documented and real delivery volume is carried out.


Physical measurement of product levels and sediments is handled by precise level gauges.
To ensure the synergy of stores and levels with fuel dispensing, i.e. storage records, the dispensing terminal processes and sends the data from the probes directly.
The FALCON dispensing terminal is also equipped with a controlled withdrawal function in the case of a multi-tank system.
Data on levels and warehouses are available to the user  via web and mobile applications and SMS notifications.

Key benefits

  • online supervision of stocks using a mobile application

  • prevention of overfilling during deliveries

  • prevention of emptying

  • security against theft

  • fuel leak detection

  • detection of deposits and water in tanks

  • temperature compensation of the volume to the reference temperature

  • synergistic solution with refueling records in one device

  • intelligent management of a multi-tank system

  • connection of drip probes

  • invoking actions depending on the states of the layers

  • magnetostrictive level gauges TOKHEIM, FAFNIR, WINDBELL...

  • battery-powered laser level gauge for diesel and AdBlue level measurement for economically oriented installations

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From purchase to refueling, the fuel is always under control

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