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We are the technology leader in systems for corporate gas stations

Our offer for owners of corporate gas stations

PHM distribution

registration and management of the dispensing of fuel, oils and other operating fluids

Fuel storage
and level measurement

warehouse management and measurement of product levels in storage tanks

Secure refueling

impossibility of refueling with diesel outside registered and authorized tanks

Fuel distribution

records of delivery, measurement of levels in transport tanks and cisterns during PHM distribution


delivery, installation and service of dispensers of the renowned manufacturer NEOTEC

Construction and reconstruction of the CS

comprehensive supplies during the reconstruction and construction of gas stations, including administrative service and engineering

Diesel and AdBlue tanks

supply of steel and plastic tanks for diesel, gasoline and AdBlue, including consulting and administrative service

Oil economy

supply of solutions for recording the dispensing of oils in the environment of oil refineries, car service centers and repair plants

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