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Record of fuel delivery

We will provide you with full control over fuel during refueling.
We will automatically process all the related agenda for you, right up to importing it into the information system.

Bezobslužný výdej nafty a AdBlue

Self-service dispensing and refueling terminals FALCON and S-box

Top-of-the-line dispensing devices of the new generation are delivered in several levels of functionality and will fully cover the needs of all groups of customers.

Fuel dispensers are equipped with variable authorization methods for vehicles, persons, orders, PIN codes and the most modern wireless technologies, which in close cooperation with peripherals and software equipment ensure the highest possible level of security, operational reliability and user comfort.

Through the software equipment, information reaches the user in a simple and clear form through a web and mobile application, or it is provided using the
 API interface to various information systems for inclusion in follow-up agendas.



Fuel dispensing with maximum comfort

Key benefits

  • the most modern dispensing and refueling terminals on the market

  • transmission of data from the gas station using GSM, Wifi

  • central secure and backup data storage 

  • network operation of all devices within the enterprise

  • highly variable setting of vehicle and person authorization methods

  • web and native mobile user application for ANDROID and iOS

  • registration of diesel, AdBlue, oils and other operating fluids in one system

  • GPS localization for mobile use

  • linking data with the GPS monitoring system

  • the possibility of connecting a camera for controlled recording of events on the Czech Republic

  • remote configuration of dispensing permissions using a web application

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